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 What is StickNoBills.com?
StickNoBills.com is your Free Online Classifieds service with lots of powerful features. You can list almost any item - from cars, books, music to events & entertainment. 
Advertising on StickNoBills Classifieds is easy and it's fun! Best of all, you'll decide most of how your ad should look!

 Why StickNoBills?
Viewing Ads
  • It's FREE, simple and user-friendly.
  • To assist you in narrowing your search further, we have designed a powerful & advanced search feature that includes:
         (a) Keyword, Ad-ID  & Category search 
         (b) User-Specific search to see ads posted by a particular User
         (c) Category-specific parametric search.
  • View sellers other ads with the click of a button.
  • Sort your search results on Date, Price, Photos etc.
  • View ad feedback scores and comments.
  • As a registered Member, you can:
         (a) Save any search to use at a later date
         (b) Leave your feedback on an ad
         (c) Add an ad to your watch list if you wish to come back to it later
         (d) Email an ad to a friend
         (e) Send messages to other advertisers with any questions
         (f) Add seller to favorites list
Posting Ads 
  • It's FREE, simple and you are stepped through the process.
  • Choose a font style, color and size to suit your content. 
  • Add upto 6 photographs - either from a directory or URL - to your ad.
  • Choose additional ad attributes from the optional Ad Upgrades: 
    • Bold
    • Highlight
    • Gallery
    • Featured
    • Eye-Catchers
    • Hit Counters
    • Themes & Layouts etc.
    This increases your chances of getting more and better responses. 
  • All the ads are Full-page ads. 
  • Get instant email notifications for any new unread messages/questions.
Registered Account
  • StickNoBills.com provides an Internal Messaging Service, a feature which allows registered members to message each other. You will instantly receive an email notification if there are any new unread messages.
  • All registered members get their own Personal Section with account management tools. Features include
         (a) My Ads: Track and manage all your postings.
         (b) My Account: Manage your account information, preferences and more.
         (c) Post a New Ad
         (d) Saved Searches
         (e) Mail Box, for internal messaging.
         (f) Ad-Finders

         (g) Watch List
         (h) Address Book
         (i)  Favorites
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Contact Customer Support
If you have an additional question about this subject, or would like to ask a question on another subject, write to us at support@StickNoBills.com.
If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, please click here.