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Selecting Item Specifics
Posting An ad
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Selecting a Listing Duration

What does it cost me?
Nothing! It's FREE! When you register at StickNoBills, your account subscription is set to Free Plan by default. You can list your ads FREE of cost under this plan.
Selecting a Category
Choosing an appropriate category is very important to your selling success.
Before you post your ad, search for items which are same as or similar to that of yours and take note of what categories they are listed in. Also look at the number of hits (if shown) and select categories with a high page-view count.
If you don't find a category you like in the list of displayed categories, refine your search and try again. You can try using keywords that are more descriptive, additional keywords, or making your keywords more generic.
Search Tips

Here are some search tips to help you maximize your search so you can find appropriate categories for your ads.

  • Use specific words instead of general ones: For example, a search for DELL computers will return more precise search results than a search for computers.

  • Don't search by the Category name: Searching by category (for example, Automobiles) will search for ads, not categories, where sellers have included the word "Automobiles" in their item title.

Important: Selecting an appropriate category for your item is your responsibility. All items must be listed within appropriate categories. StickNoBills may move your ad if it's listed in a category that is unrelated to your item. So, please select your listing categories with care.
Writing a Good Title and Description
Your item's title and description are your advertisement, an opportunity to both inform and excite buyers. Writing a good title and description will significantly increase your chances of your listing being found and sold.

Writing an effective title: Make a clear, compelling first impression by writing a great title for your item.

Start with these tips:

  • Use descriptive keywords that clearly convey what you are selling.
  • Include your item's brand name, artist, or designer.
  • State exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name.
  • Try not to include "wow" or "look". Buyers don't search for words like these.

Be sure to follow StickNoBills rules regarding titles. The following types of titles are inappropriate for inclusion on StickNoBills.

  • Titles that fail to state what the nature of the item is.
  • Titles that contain Web site addresses, email addresses or phone numbers. The only exception to this rule is the sale of domain names.
  • Titles that contain profane or obscene language.
  • Titles that use the following words in an attempt to market or advertise their item: "prohibited", "banned", "illegal", "outlawed" or any other descriptive word which may bring into question the legality of an item by either governmental or StickNoBills standards.
  • Titles that include brand names other than the specific brand name used by the company that manufactured or produced the item you are listing.
These types of listings are not permitted and will be ended.

Writing a great description: Writing a thorough description can really pay off in the price you receive for your item.

Here are some questions you may want to consider when writing your item description:

  • What is the item?
  • What material is it made of?
  • When was it made?
  • What company/artist/designer/author made it?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Is the item new, used, or still under warranty? Be sure to mention any flaws or repairs.
  • What are its dimensions?
  • What country/location is it from?
  • Does it have any notable features or markings?
  • Does it have a special background or history?

Additionally, many sellers have found that adding a creative, human approach to their descriptions boosts their ads.

Consider including:

  • What you especially like about the item
  • Who you think it would appeal to and why
  • An interesting story about the item (for example, how you acquired it)
  • How the item might be used
  • When you are finished, check your description for accuracy.

Do NOT include:

  • Anything that is not true.
  • Keywords that are unrelated to your item to try to lure buyers searching for these words. (For example, do not say, "If you like Ralph Lauren, you'll like these towels.") This is known as "keyword trespassing" and it is against StickNoBills listing policies.
  • Content prohibited and restricted by law.
Using Ad Upgrades
There are lots of ways to make your ad stand out from the crowd on StickNoBills. Each upgrade is designed to promote an ad in different ways – some highlight your item in a search listing, others feature your listing in a prominent area of the page.
Stand out in buyers’ search and browse item lists.
  • Highlight − Emphasizes your listing in search results with an eye-catching colored band.

  • Featured − Showcases your listing in a prominent area of the page, including the home page.

  • Bold− Adds instant emphasis to your listings and makes your item title stand out in buyers’ search results.

  • Gallery – Provides buyers with a photo of your item when they search and browse.

  • Eye-Catchers – Adds an eye-catcher ('Buy Now', 'Low Price' etc.) and makes your item stand in buyer's search results.

  • Hit Counters − Provides attractive Hit-counter to match the style and content.

  • Themes & Layouts − Improve the visual appeal and effectiveness of your listing by adding attractive themes and layouts.

Entering Your Item’s Location
Accurately describing where your item is located can attract buyers from your local area. Also, by indicating your correct & complete address (Flat/Shop/House No, Area, City, Street, State, Country, PIN/ZIP Code) buyers will be able to find your item if a location keyword of his/her search matches any part of your address.
You'll especially benefit if buyers prefer to search by location.
Uploading Your Pictures
When posting an ad, you can easily add pictures to your listing either from a directory on your computer or a URL/Web address. Your Pictures will be hosted for the duration of your listing. You can add upto 6 pictures per listing. (Please check the subscription details for the number of free and paid pictures).
Note: StickNoBills generates standard picture sizes for the Web. If you use your own photo editor software to reduce the dimensions or size of pictures before adding them to your listing, it may result in lower picture quality or resolution.
The Camera Icon
In the search results page, a camera icon is displayed in the gallery to indicate that a photo is included in your listing. If you use a Gallery picture, your Gallery picture will display in place of the camera.
Using the HTML Text Editor
Improve the formatting of your description

Want to format your description but don't know how to write HTML? Learn how to use the HTML Text Editor. The text editor will help you format your text in much the same way a word software program helps.

Already know how to write HTML? Then, click on the button "<>", above the description box, that will allow you to format and code your description using HTML code.
How to use the HTML Text Editor

You will find the text editor in Step 1 of posting your ad.
  1. Specify the style, font, color and/or font size you want.
  2. Select the text that you would like to format.
  3. Choose the option that you want from the drop down menus
Format your text to enhance your item description

Well thought-out use of bold, italic, or underlined text can enhance your item's appeal. Aligning text (left, center, right), making bulleted or numbered lists, increasing/decreasing indents are additional ways to format your text. Highlight the text to be formatted and click on the appropriate buttons.
Viewing and editing HTML

In the text editor, you have the option of viewing or editing the HTML code that is generated for you. If you are an advanced user of HTML and would like to insert features like tables, then you may do so by clicking on the button "<>", above the description box.

Providing Item Condition
Item condition (i.e., New, Refurbished, Used) is one of the criteria buyers consider when deciding to purchase an item. Listings with specified item conditions provide useful information and as a result, are more likely to sell. Sellers are therefore strongly encouraged to provide the condition of the item they are selling during the listing process.
How to specify Item Condition: When posting an ad, click on the Condition drop-down menu and select the condition of your item (For example New, Refurbshed, or Used). Item condition options vary by category.
Note: If you would like to provide additional information about the item’s condition, you can include it in the Item Description section.

Contact Customer Support
If you have an additional question about this subject, or would like to ask a question on another subject, write to us at support@StickNoBills.com.
If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, please click here.