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Time Management Software, Automatic Time Tracking
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. IT services service management includes managing employees’ timeto achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and employee engagement. With no product to measure output against, it becomes difficult to quantify productivity against existing metrics. This gets further compounded by an organisation’s limitation in identifying processes or structural issues that that could affect the team’s output. Which is why many organisations are coming to rely upon people analytics.   Most organisations still rely on outdated technology to measure time and effort which doesn’t generate accurate insights into the exact work time and activity. Most of the data is collected simply from a security perspective and rarely does it reveal resource utilisation as per project requirement.  Also, there is an increasing trend towards flexible timings and work-from-home options which makes it even more difficult to quantify effort.   Many IT services organisations don’t even consider productivity very critical as higher productivity could mean a smaller team and loss of revenue or slower growth. New-age CEOs are now becoming aware of the value that clients expect, and also realise that there is greater competition which could mean vendor churn. In this scenario, it becomes vital to think strategically and look for a workforce management systemthat can help exceed customer expectations. Sapience is a unique People Analytics @ Work solution which provides IT services companies with automated visibility into individual and team effort, across levels. Real time, hands-on data means managers can quickly align and realign teams as per project needs and not allow it to slow down or derail.   IT services companies can benefit from: Best Effort: This time management software gives an automated break-up of employee and team effort across projects and over a decided time period, and enjoy 360 degree visibility into productivity. Talent Utilisation: Always know the required and existing headcount on any given project. With this information, it is easier to make accurate and objective staffing decisions. Employee Engagement: Besides talent utilisation means the complete team is occupied with interesting and sufficient work, rather than have a select 20-30% ‘preferred’ team members be on call all the time. Employees feel more engaged and overall morale goes up. IT services and software product companies can greatly benefit from this game changing IT services management,and enjoy greater delivery excellence, employee engagement and the company’s bottom line. For more details visit – http://www.sapience.net Download Free Sapience Android Time Tracker App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.mSapience.mobile   Download Free Sapience Ios / Iphone Time Tracker App - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sapience-for-mobile/id977918558?mt=8
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